Gregory A. Anderson

Gregory Andrew Anderson is a Florida-Based author and trial attorney.

When your company pursues litigation to protect your business entity and shareholders, you need a seasoned partner at your side. Our firm’s breadth of legal knowledge, business savvy and extensive trial expertise offers our clients both financial and strategic benefits.

With offices in Jacksonville and Boca Raton, our attorneys provide legal services for a diverse range of clients.

We help people and families that can’t help themselves against a system that is set up for them to fail. We take the cases that most lawyers consider unwinnable because we believe that wrongly accused people deserve to be free and whole.

Our clients include automobile, boat, RV and marine equipment manufacturers, cruise ship lines, athletic organizations, insurance and credit companies, as well as legal, accounting and investment brokerage firms. On the plaintiffs side, the firm has extensive experience in handling legal and investment malpractice, catastrophic injury and business contract and fraud cases. Our attorneys also regularly handle personal injury and wrongful death cases arising from boat, automobile and aviation accidents, as well as admiralty-based cases involving the Jones Act and DOHSA.



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